Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five: I Like Me!

Today's Friday Five poster, Singing Owl, says: "Lately I seem to be encountering many people who have a very difficult time finding anything good to say about themselves. They are able to extend grace and forgiveness to others but find it difficult to extend that same grace to themselves.
With that in mind, let's share some healthy affirmation today! Tell us five things you like about yourself!"

Well, even though one thing I don't like is that I've been so bad at blogging the past month or more, here goes with the good stuff.
1. This may sound shallow, but I like and appreciate my hair. It's still relatively thick, I don't mind the grey, and it has enough of a wave that with a decent haircut (which is not too hard to find) I can wash'n'wear or wash, blowdry and wear, and feel that I look OK.

2. I like and appreciate my memory, which is still pretty good although perhaps not the steel trap it was in my younger days.

3. I like my ability to make connections among what might at first seem very different ideas, events, books etc.

4. I like my normally calm demeanor and feelings about life and its random events.

5. I like that I'm a pretty fast reader still, which will help me get through all the books I want to read before I die!

If you're not a regular blogger, feel free to play in the comments.