Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five: Recommendation Edition

revkjarla at RevGalBlogPals posts:
"So, it's the time of year I get inundated with requests for recommendations for students that are looking to be camp counselors.  So in honor of camp counselors everywhere, today's Friday Five is the Recommendation edition  (which has nothing to do with camp or summer or anything--work with me, it's late....)"

1.   Recommend a favorite worship resource or devotional book. 

I move around a bit and don't normally need worship resources since I'm a layperson. I keep coming back to Phyllis Tickle's three books on praying the hours, though.

2.   Recommend a blog that you like to read that you think others might find enjoyable.
Here's one you probably don't know: Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else. Old vinyl records, including Sunday Morning Gospel -- the blogger is an Episcopalian with a secret love for old time gospel groups.
3.   Recommend a fiction book that you think people might like.
Plainsong by Deborah Grabien. A different take on the Jesus story that you may love or hate, but which will give you a lot to ponder. She's a good writer, too, who also writes some great music-themed mysteries.
4.   Recommend a favorite recipe website.   O.k., if you aren't into cooking or food, then just recommend a random website that you find useful, hilarious, mind numbing or thought provoking. 
Boringly enough, I generally use when I need to remember how to make something or come up with a way to use ingredients on hand -- that feature is quite useful.
5.  And for the last recommendation--it's bloggers' choice!  Make a recommendation for anything!
Sisterfilms and I really enjoyed a made-for-BBCTV movie called Nativity! with Martin Freeman. An English schoolteacher must direct the school Nativity play and tells people his old girlfriend is coming back from LA to film it. Hijinks ensue, and the film is both funny and inspiring. Good one to watch when you're planning next year's Christmas pageant.