Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sick as a Dog, and Old Photos

I haven't blogged for several days because Rusty the dog has been ill (diarrhea and vomiting with the concomitant clean-up duties for the humans). He is now all better; he responded well to treatment with Pepto-Bismol tablets and antibiotics hidden in tiny peanut butter sandwiches. It's good to have him his old lively self again. Yesterday we went to the Farmer's Market and he got to play with his Norwegian Elkhound friend and also met a Yorkshire terrier pup -- about 9 weeks old and not much bigger than a kitten. I was afraid he wouldn't recognize it as a dog but a little sniffing did the trick and they enjoyed each other's company.
Another thing that's kept me busy is family photographs. Some years ago my cousin Down East in Princeton sent me on CD my great-great-grandfather's diaries. Included was a disc marked Family Photos. At the time, not having a very sophisticated photo program, I looked at the file names and pulled out the photos of my 3rd and 4th great-grandparents, which were treasure enough combined with the diaries. The other day I decided to take a second look. There are 296 photos! Some are unidentified, some misidentified, and some duplicates of ones I already had, but there were some real finds, such as this photo of my grandfather. I estimate he was about 8 years old (1896) and not too happy about the fancy clothes and setting!

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