Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fun and flora on the Islands

This past weekend our friend Wolfie's Woman was here for a short visit. On Saturday this is what we did.
First we had breakfast at the Faith United Methodist Church on Orr's Island in Harpswell. Here is what one of the plates looked like:

The French toast is stuffed with cream cheese and there are real blueberries on top as well as syrup. The muffin is cranberry-orange. The fried potatoes with bits of pepper are homemade. All this as well as juice and coffee or tea, and as much as you want, for $7! It's a good thing for our waistlines that it's only once a month.
Then to walk off the breakfast we went to the Giant's Staircase on Bailey Island for a wee hike. Unfortunately Blogger is not taking any more pictures from me right now. I changed the setting on my camera to take better pictures, but the pictures are much bigger, and I'm not all that sure how to make them smaller (byte-wise). I will have to see if Onkel Hankie Pants can help me.
Today The Accountant is coming to visit -- one of my longest-serving friends, since 8th grade. The weather is not nearly as nice as it was, but I'm sure we will find some fun things to do -- ArtWalk tomorrow night, perhaps? I also have some pictures of various plants we saw last weekend that I don't know how to identify. Better luck next post.


Songbird said...

Looks delicious!
(especially compared to the bowl of twigs I eat most days!)

Cathy said...

Like Songbird, I seem to be eating my share of twigs -- but a breakfast like that would be hard to pass up!