Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mug Meme

St. Casserole posted this meme and it sounded like a good one:
Describe seven mugs that are in your kitchen cabinet. So here goes:

1. Green glass labyrinth mug from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, bought off the Internet. Alas, when I actually got to their classy gift shop last spring, the design had changed completely. This is my favorite, I only use it when I have a new pot of fresh coffee!

2. A black "God Is Still Speaking" mug that I got from a UCC event kicking off that campaign.
3. A very bulbous, handthrown, greyish-blue pottery mug (with a matching dessert plate) that Cordeliaknits' friend Biz gave me. I wish we could see Biz this Christmas.

4. A big heavy white mug with my nickname on it in blue calligraphy (you've probably seen the popcorn bowls? that kind) that my boss at #5 gave me one Christmas -- the other two supervisees also had fairly unusual names so we each got one. Although it's nice to have an unusual name, sometimes you just want to find your name on it was a good present.
5. Dark red mug that says "Hamline University School of Law" where I worked in the library for 9 years. A souvenir of the year that Am. Assoc. of Law Librarians had their convention in the Twin Cities and I helped with the opening reception.
6. Maine-made pottery mug with pink and purple tulips painted on it, a birthday present several years ago from my brother Uncle Markie Pants.
7. And one I don't use often because I don't want to break it -- a mug with a loon on it that belonged to my mother.

I tag Cordeliaknits, Celeste, and Sisterknits (if she ever blogs again!!!)

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celeste said...

love the grace cathedral mug! i would have picked up one of those if i'd seen when I visited their gift shop, but it wasn't there when I went either.
I posted.