Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Curse of Nikki's Coffee Mugs??

Perhaps you've heard of the "Curse of the State Quarters." I'm beginning to think there may be a curse connected with my collection of coffee mugs!  Here's what's happened:
I have a red mug that says "Murder Ink" on it, from a visit several years ago to this fine mystery bookshop in New York City. Alas, the store has since closed.
I have a black mug with a picture of Brunswick High School (the one I graduated from). The school building was replaced in 1995 and, as I mentioned recently, is scheduled for demolition in February of 2009.
And I have a red mug that says "Morning Show Blend" on it. Today, it was announced that the beloved 25-year-old program on Minnesota Public Radio will be going off the air when Jim Ed Poole (aka Tom Keith) retires and Dale Connelly moves on to "developing programming".  For several years now it's been broadcast on "The Current" (Minnesota Public Radio has beaucoup bucks and, in the Twin Cities area, three stations -- one for news, one for classical music, and one for contemporary music) and so will be replaced by more of the station's usual programming.
Onkel Hankie Pants will have to find something else to listen to when he goes up to his computer in the morning, and so will a lot of other people, and it won't be easy to find anything like the Morning Show.
We have been listening to it for pretty much its whole run, back to the days when Garrison Keillor was the DJ and Tom Keith the sound engineer who also did sound effects.  (This was before Garrison was famous, except locally).  The eclectic blend of music played introduced me to so many songs and singers who are now favorites, and the skits brought an often much-needed tinge of hilarity to mornings getting ready for work or kids to school. Both the older children have had songs played on the program to celebrate their birthdays. I can't remember what song was played for SonShineIn, but I do remember that we were amazed by the coincidence that they dedicated it also to his much-older cousin Axel who was setting off for a trip to China and shared his birthday! Cordeliaknits had a favorite doll she called "Doodoo Baby." Not for the reason you think, but because it had a pull-chain in its back and when you pulled it the doll played Brahms' Lullaby. (Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo....) So we requested Brahms' Lullaby for her birthday when she was about 4 and they found a version played by a silver cornet band.  
The Morning Show was mostly responsible for the fact that, when we left Minnesota, we were giving a large (for us) amount to MPR each year. They had started issuing CDs with the theme "Keepers" which were used as membership premiums.  Every time they came out with a new one I would fall for the "if you increase your membership level" pitch.  If you ever see one of these CDs in a yard sale or thrift shop, snap it up.  (There are several titles, but they all have a fishing bobber on the cover). You will find anything from "With 'Er 'Ead Tucked Underneath 'Er Arm" to "Easter Island Head" to "A Cuppa Coffee the Size of My Head," and lots more besides.
I know Tom Keith is a little older than I am, and I can't begrudge him not wanting to keep getting up so early in the morning. But something wonderful has gone, and it seems that too much of that is happening.
So, First Parish Church, the United Church of Christ, Hamline University School of Law, the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, and several Minnesota State Parks -- watch your backs, just in case. I wouldn't want to lose any of you, just because I happen to have you on a coffee mug.

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