Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Five: It Is Well with My Soul Edition

At RevGalBlogPals, Kathrynzj suggests:

“We lead privileged lives.

True, some are more privileged than others but the fact that we are communicating right now via technological devices puts us in the privileged category.

There are many perks in my life for which I give thanks and then there are some that make everything right in the world during the moment I am enjoying them. I'm wondering what a few of those things - five to be specific - are for you.

To help you along here are just three of mine that I will write more about on my blog: drinking coffee out of a real mug, walking into my home after the domestic goddess has been there, participating in the RevGalBlogPals Big Events.”

So, here are mine:

1. A hot shower with nice bath and hair products. Last week’s New York Times had an article about people who have drastically cut back on their showering and shampooing. Like, to once a month or less? I can’t fathom giving up such a simple pleasure. I especially like the shower that came with our current house. As best I can tell, there is some sort of mixing valve in it so you just turn the hot tap and get (for me at least) the perfect temperature. Add a nice body wash (I usually get them cheap at TJ Maxx) and grapefruit or lavender shampoo and at least for a little while, all is well.

2. Fresh coffee. Since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, I usually make a pot and reheat the leftovers till it’s gone. So that first cup of really fresh coffee is a special treat. (Don’t talk to me about those one-cup coffee pod things. Too fancy and pricey for me.)

3. Recorded music. I certainly enjoy live music as well when I can get some. But I’m daily amazed and delighted by the rich variety available to me.  As I have rather eclectic tastes which lean toward folk music and the Great American Songbook, I also appreciate recordings because they allow me to hear, not only current artists, but Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Leadbelly, John McCormack, Kate Wolf, Mahalia Jackson – and many others now singing “upon another shore and in a greater light.”

4. Good used book sales. We have a plethora of these around here, nearly year-round (actually one of the nearby libraries has a bookstore instead that’s open all the time.) I’ve found all kinds of treasures from recent hardcover mysteries and novels, to vintage editions of classics, to cookbooks and coffee table books that would have been too expensive to consider new. I do plan to patronize my local independent bookstore this very evening, though.

5. My wonderful public library and the systems that expand it.  Our library, like many in Maine, is a sort of public/private partnership which began as an endowed institution. The participating towns allot money each year for building upkeep, staff salaries, supplies etc. The Friends of the Library raise money for the collection development (partly through a huge book sale each June). It seems to work well, not least because of Minerva and MaineCat, the two systems through which borrowers can acquire just about anything our local library doesn’t have. Make a request online or at the library and usually in a couple of days it’s there for pickup. The library also puts on interesting programs for all ages and has special resources for job hunters and those with health concerns. And the best thing is, I can walk there from my house and from September to May, it’s open seven days a week!


outloudthinker said...

libraries libraries--I LOVE them! So glad you have a great one to peruse and that it's open so much!

great play!

kathrynzj said...

Another gentle nudge in the library's direction. I enjoyed this list.

Thanks for playing!