Thursday, August 16, 2007

My States Visited Map

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I'm reasonably sure about Arkansas and Missouri, since I remember driving through the Ozarks with my family on our way from Texas to Maine via Norwalk, Ohio (where my aunt and uncle lived at the time) in early 1955. It's possible I may have visited New Mexico while we lived in El Paso, Texas; I'm just not sure. Actually I think I'm going to make another one that shows states I've actually lived in, which will be perhaps more impressive.

create your own visited states map

Well, it's not THAT impressive, but it's more realistic than states visited -- for instance -- I have visited South Carolina several times, but North Carolina only as a drive-through in early childhood. Except for Minnesota, all the states were lived in before age 25. Since then, just Minnesota and Maine.


Auntie Knickers said...

And wouldn't you know, it shows up leaving out the Northeast! (So, I have visited all the New England states, NY, NJ and PA; I have lived in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.)

SonShineIn said...

My map is just a big diagonal stripe of red from Maine to California, a big chunk of it due to Greyhound trips. One of these days I really need to see the Pacific Northwest.