Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Five: Leap Year Edition

Over at RevGalBlogPals, will smama and Songbird remind us:

It's Leap Day!! Whether you're one of the special few who have a birthday only once every four years, or simply confused by the extra day on the calendar, everyone is welcome to join in and play our Leap Year Friday Five.

Tell us about a time you:

1. Leapt before looked
When didn't I? I tend to make decisions immediately or not at all. I decided to apply to A Host at Last University after seeing an article in the Saturday Review showing Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorraine Hansberry (separately) talking with students. When the recruiter came to see my sister, I decided to join the Army on the promise of language school in California. And if you go back to last June's posts you can see that I made another important decision pretty fast too. They've all worked out well.

2. Leapt to a conclusion
Like many other respondents, I do this far too often to come up with just one instance.

3. Took a Leap of Faith
Sorry, I can't really come up with anything dramatic here.

4. Took a literal Leap
I don't do leaping physically.

5. And finally, what might you be faced with leaping in the coming year?
It's hard to say at this point. I will be leaping into my seventh decade this summer, and there may be ramifications of that. Check back later this year!


Songbird said...

I like leaping, too.

Diane said...

I don't do physical leaping much either.
but I do leap before I look. thanks for playing.