Thursday, April 10, 2008

in justspring

EEEE! Today was the first dogwalk with NO jacket or sweater, and the temperature got up to at least 60 degrees -- in fact it's still that now, according to the computer. Bulbs are growing apace -- our tulips and daffs just have green up, but lots of it, and the people who have crocuses are displaying purple and white beauty all over the place. Streetsweeping happened (about 4:30 am this morning, what's up with that?) so things look much tidier. Before you know it we will be seeing scenes like this:
This photo was actually taken at my parents' house about 28 years ago, probably by Brother #3. I really missed forsythia all the time I lived in Exile. Even though the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum people developed a more hardy variety in 1982, I seldom or never saw any in bloom -- perhaps because I lived in the city and people already had all their shrubbery. Now I enjoy bursts of gold around every corner in forsythia season.

The words titling this post are, of course, from e.e. cummings' poem. Look it up!

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Songbird said...

We are loving our crocuses!