Friday, April 25, 2008

Yellow Is the Color of Spring

Some people may say it's green, but I say yellow. Unexpected bits of yellow crop up all over the place and lift my heart each time. Like this: the first dandelions at our back steps!
Or this, just happened to be the first group of many I saw on this morning's dogwalk:
And then there was this, what I've been waiting for, by the library:
If you have some time, you can listen to some of the songs that run through my head at this time of year when I see these sights:

And he also sang this one - a shoutout to SonShineIn who used to drink this stuff!

For some reason I associate this next song with Glenn Yarbrough of the Limeliters, but apparently it was the Brothers Four's hit. And, very popular in Asian folk circles if you check out the "related videos" section. But here's a nice woman singing it with pretty pictures:

Sometimes it's poems that run through my head. Here's a musical version of one; it's a little unusual for a setting of Shakespeare but I think he would have liked it, it has the right sort of rowdy sensibility.

(For the words, go here.)
And there's that other William, Wordsworth.
I searched for a poem on forsythia and found this wonderful item.
Dandelions will have to wait.


Songbird said...

I know the yellow cheers me! More daffodils today, some with a peachy center.

SonShineIn said...

Mello Yello really hasn't been the same since they took it out of the glass bottles.
I do have The Essential Donovan CD, and listen to it when I'm working in the kitchen, usually.
Things are still pretty brown around here, although the Yellow Face (it burns us!) was out today.

Markie said...

Great music!

There's a great interview of Donovan in 2004 on WFMU (an internet radio station); if anyone who likes Donovan has the time to spare, click on the link below and go to the 38min:40sec mark on the progress slider to hear him introduce a spectacular acoustic psychedelic Hurdy Gurdy Man. It's one of my favorite interviews ever by Thy Humble Minstrel himself!

You need Real Player (get the free player @ for it, but
you won't be disappointed if you like Donovan.
WFMU's Jonesy Interviews Donovan April 2004