Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Five: Fall Equinox Edition

I took this photo last year on September 19, and yesterday this same tree looks just about the same.

Over at RevGalBlogPals, Songbird (who lives not far from me) posts:

It's that time of year, at least north of the equator. The windows are still open, but the darned furnace comes on early in the morning. My husband went out for a walk after an early supper and came home in full darkness.  (Auntie Knickers says: I just went around closing windows so the furnace wouldn't come on, as it's after 9 am and the temp is only about 40 degrees, which is the lowest setting on our thermostat).

And yes, where we live, leaves are beginning to turn.

As this vivid season begins, tell us five favorite things about fall:

1) A fragrance: When I was small, it was burning leaves. We don't do that any more, but especially here in Maine, more people are using woodstoves and the fragrance of woodsmoke can sometimes be discerned. It brings happy memories of my grandmother's woodstove.

2) A color: Red - the red of new apples and the "Irish setter red" of maple leaves. But then what about the gold of the leaves of other trees, and of the grasses I remember from the Midwest? And who can forget orange, pumpkins, leaves, and Halloween decorations?  

3) An item of clothing: Fleece jackets and vests -- I'm wearing one already as I write this for the chilly morning. 

4) An activity: Buying and planting spring bulbs -- always looking ahead.

5) A special day: Thanksgiving - all is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin (or at least we hope so!) Making special food for special people. I only wish there were a special morning church service to attend near me; I miss the one we had in Minneapolis.


Mrs. M said...

I love this. Maybe mostly just because I love something compared to an Irish Setter!

Songbird said...

Love the woodstove smell, too, and our fireplace smell, though it is pitifully inefficient.

Processing Counselor said...

I think we're on the same mailing list. BTW, we have few wood stoves here in the city, but someone near my bedroom window has a fireplace and it's a pleasure to smell the woodsmoke!

Singing Owl said...

Boy, we do think alike, don't we?

Planning for spring...yeah...

Processing Counselor said...

Thanks for you comment. I took the picture when I was in Italy several years ago. I'm looking for a church like the one in "Take This Bread." one of the book club books. Actually, I'm looking for a church with real spirituality, acceptance of all, women-and gay-clergy (or at least no rule against them.) Creativity in services would be welcome. I'm not married to the style of the mass. Know of any good UCC churches in NYC. The only one I've found was geographically undesirable. (one of my best friends was going to be a UCC minister back when I was in college , a million years ago in the 60's)