Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Great Canadian Quiz - wherein I'll probably display my ignorance of the land of some of my foreparents

Darlene Ryan, one of the bloggers at Poe's Deadly Daughters, wrote this week:

...I’ve discovered that other people don’t know a lot about us. I did a little survey this past week, asking non-Canadians what they knew about Canadians and found out that—at least among the people I asked—we’re thought of as polite people who drink a lot of Tim Horton’s coffee and watch a lot of hockey. And maybe that’s the reason the rest of the world doesn’t know much about Canada. Instead of talking about ourselves we’re standing in line at Tim’s, talking about last night’s game and telling the young woman at the counter, “No, I think he was here first.” 

So to educate you about some things Canadian here is The Great Canadian Quiz, twenty questions  on this country and its people. Check back Sunday night for the answers. (At Poe's Deadly Daughters, which is in Auntie Knickers' blogroll - if you want to take the quiz yourself scoot right on over there before reading the following)

1. Who is Don Cherry? . Sorry, no idea. A hockey player?
2. What is dulse? Dried seaweed, used as a snack in the Maritime Provinces, and I think I could buy some at my local supermarket here in Maine.
3. What is a double-double? Clueless here.
4. What’s a two-four? Clueless here too.
5. What are the Original Six? Hmm. I'm guessing: Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia???
6. What do you do with fiddleheads? Pick them in the spring in the woods, steam and eat. They are a type of fern and another thing that's available here.
7. Name the Canadian president. Oops, good thing I'm not running for VP.
8. How long is a CFL field? I don't even know how long an AFL field is!
9. What piece of hockey equipment was Jacques Plante the first person to use in a regular season NHL game? A helmet? My friend The CEO's grandfather was the first one to use one at all, in a Harvard game. He used his leather football helmet.
10. How many provinces and territories are there? I'm saying thirteen.
11. Where is the CN Tower? Toronto. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
12. If it’s ten o’clock in New Brunswick, what time is it in Newfoundland? I'm guessing 11 o'clock.
13. What color is the $50 bill? Red. (Just a guess, never seen one.)
14. What color is the one dollar bill? Grey-green? It's been a while.
15. What is a loonie? A one-dollar coin with a picture of a loon.
16. If you’re in Cavendish, PEI and the weather forecast says it’s 32 degrees outside will you be going swimming or tobogganing? Swimming, as long as there's a pool. I suspect the water is even colder than here.
17. When is Thanksgiving in Canada? October but I forget the day.
18. Name Canada’s major league baseball teams. Toronto Blue Jays, Montreal -- ???
19. When is Canada Day? July 1
20. When is tax day in Canada? . I don't know this either.

Well, I'm afraid this is a pretty poor showing for someone with one-fourth of my ancestry having been Canadian for nearly a hundred years, and who has Canadian cousins on both sides, and who's recently been watching multiple episodes of Due South. How did you do?  I do have a feeling sports fans may do better than I.

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