Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I went out with Rusty to take some photos of signs of spring. (It's not easy to take a picture with one hand and hold the excited dog with the other!) Here's what I found:
To the left, a photo of our driveway about 4 pm. Not that exciting except that at 11:30 am the same day, none of the pavement was visible under a sheet of ice. You can also see the lamentable state of the pavement, which is much better than the state of the roads here -- it's a bad year for potholes.

To the right, in a sheltered location just down the
street, some brave bulbs are coming up. (Rusty pointed these out to me, as he has always been interested in the plastic cake container you can see behind the bulbs. He lives in hope that someday there will be cake inside it.)

We walked around the block and found some more signs of coming spring:
ground cover -- was it there all along under the snow?

I think these are buds! (Click on photo to make it bigger)
And I'm sure the red twigs in this photo are new growth:
But today, as I awakened I heard the snow plow (or maybe they were just sanding), and alas, it's light snow and 28 degrees. However, hope springs eternal, for Monday's prediction is 40 degrees, sunny and windy with only a 10% chance of precipitation. Meanwhile though, the lions are wearing their snow mantles again:
And that's why I say Phooey!


Crimson Rambler said...

oh boy -- we had about 6" of wet snow yesterday again...most of the day it was just sloppy but of course after dark the temperature dropped, so we have ice again. I love the lions and their snow hats!

Songbird said...

I've really had it with the snow, Auntie K. When will it end?