Thursday, July 24, 2008

Magic Mushrooms?

Today is a special day for me, and I'll report more on that later, but it's also a very rainy day here in Maine. We've had a fair amount of rain alternating with plain old humidity here in the last week or so (and we need the rain, so no complaints about that.) Our yard is prone to mushrooms anyway, but recently I've seen some that I hadn't seen before. I wonder if I'll find a field guide to mushrooms in the basement as I clean up the book room there? I did find a nice fossil guide, which will be quite useless here -- it says that New England has virtually no fossil-bearing rock. Anyway, here are some mushroom photos.

Click on the yellow one to see the raindrops on a spiderweb.
And for those of you who prefer mammals to fungi, here is a photo of Rusty in his summer cut -- he doesn't look like a perfect Springer Spaniel now, but it sure makes his trips to the Bowdoinham woods less messy!
And here is a goofy face:

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