Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Meme (since I have nothing exciting to report)

Celeste tagged me for this meme and I have been lazy about doing it. I actually did it some time back so I had to go back and check the random facts so I don't end up repeating myself.
Here are the rules, which I am breaking:
1. Link to the tagger and post the rules.
2. List seven random facts about yourself.
3. Tag seven more people. (This is the one I'm breaking, because I'm running out of people to tag. Y'all friends who don't blog have to get on the ball! However, feel free to list facts in a comment.)

Here are my random facts:

1. I can't swim or ride a bicycle, although I've had people try to teach me to do both.
2. I attended five different elementary schools in three states and a foreign country.
3. I can't stop buying Christmas music (see photo above)
4. I have a large collection of what I call "How to Be Perfect" books -- books on organization, how to dress, how to decorate, how to run your life. It's not clear they have worked.
5. I now write a short review of each book I read and post them on Goodreads, DorothyL, or both.
6. My dog, who weighs 55 lbs., sits in my lap. (See photo below, I love how he looks when standing up looking out the window.)

7. My cat, who weighs about 5 lbs., does not.


Sisterfilms said...

Hey! Those pictures look like they were taken in a clean house; what gives? Could it be that a few of those "How to be Perfect" books have finally caught on?!

You forgot to include "can't drive a car" in #1!

Auntie Knickers said...

Sisterfilms, it is all due to Melody, and money provided by Daddy Hankie Pants. Also, unfortunately the corner where the Christmas CDs are is clean, but the rest of the office, while relatively clean, is not uncluttered. I plan to work on that some today.
I had mentioned in the previous Meme of 7 Random Things, the fact that I can't drive. I try not to repeat myself even though I am old, old, old!

celeste said...

i appreciate your christmas music collection, having been the blessed receiver of some great holiday mixes!

thanks for playing.

Songbird said...

I meant to tell you, I love that picture of Rusty!