Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BRP = Blatant Relative Promotion

It's a rainy, windy, dark November day here, and I'm not up to much. I am making a black bean soup with a hambone for supper, and later I'll probably do the cranberry sauce that will be one of my contributions to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm listening to my Thanksgiving playlist (see last year's Tunes for November posts for a list). Although I generally celebrate Buy Nothing Day on the day after Thanksgiving, I know that there are people out there thinking about Christmas shopping; and other kinds of shopping as well. We're all in a bit of an ambivalent mood about shopping right now. On one shoulder sits a creature whispering in our ear "Save your money! You're going to need it later!" and on the other sits another creature whispering, "Go out and support your local businesses, they need you!" Which is the angel and which is the devil? Who knows?

So, today I'm promoting the businesses of three relatives. If the things they're selling happen to be things you would like to buy (and in one case, you'll have to be in a certain geographic location), give them a try!

My cousin Pam "down to the shore" has had a thriving seasonal business for many years making wreaths for residents and businesses in the area. Now she's taking it to the next level and offering her beautiful wreaths online all over the country. I received one of her wreaths as a gift from her mother last year, and it was lovely. I believe there's a picture on one of last December's blog posts. Despite a cold, snowy, blowy winter, it lasted far beyond the time Onkel Hankie Pants deems acceptable for having a Christmas wreath up. Go to Pam's Maine Wreaths to see and, perhaps, order. Tell your friends and colleagues!

Speaking of OHP, his cousin Julie is the next relative I'm promoting here. This summer her second book for children, My New Best Friend, was published, and the first one, My Last Best Friend, is now available in paperback. Both books deal with the adventures of fourth-grader Ida May, who lives in a small town in Wisconsin. For anyone who has had or been a fourth-grader, these stories will ring true. The books are geared toward readers age 7-10, so if you have a gift recipient in that age group, give 'em a try.

Last but not least, my cousin Erica is involved with a fine little BBQ restaurant in Lewiston, Maine. It's right across from Marden's! (Mainers will know what this means). Here are some visuals from our most recent visit:

Onkel Hankie Pants and I both had the Two-Step Sandwich, in which one gets to choose two of the three available barbecued meats (beef, pork, chicken) and a side. OHP had beans and I had a really good potato salad. I greedily ate some of my sandwich before I remembered to photograph it. I have two sauces, spicy and mild, to mix.

I took some of my sandwich home so I'd have
room for dessert. This peanut butter pie was
extremely delicious, covered with a chocolate
ganache (I think that's redundant and ganache is
always chocolate).
Here is the lovely and talented Erica, chef, hostess,
and even waits tables at least for relatives. (By the way, as you'll see from their websites, Pam and Julie are also lovely and talented).

And here's the smokin' locomotive by which you will recognize the place.

So if you're in or near Lewiston, this is the place to go for some fine barbecue. They do catering, too!

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