Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Activities

I spent several hours yesterday unpacking and displaying books and other media for the Halls of Holly Fair bookroom at church. I found a few treasures for myself, including a cassette tape put out by SW Wisconsin Mailorder Co. that has Christmas song parodies that will relate to Onkel Hankie Pants' seasonal job -- things like "Santa Got Run Over by a Forklift" and "Here Come Packages." Should be fun.

Then, after spending a little while chatting with Brother #1, we attended an art show opening! The Photographer has taken a lot of photos of my old high school (scheduled for demolition in the spring) and it's a great show. Here's the poster:

I can credit Rusty for my being able to mount the three flights of stairs to the gallery without having to rest in the middle, as I did the last time relatives had a show there (pre-Rusty and his health-giving daily walks).

After that, we went up the street to celebrate The Expert's 30th birthday, with a delicious dinner of paneer steaks, roasted potatoes and salad, followed by chocolate cake, all prepared by my niece, Polar Bear Artist. Here is a photo of one of her latest creations (she of course draws many more things than just polar bears, but does the college mascot quite frequently for her employer):

Two very tired people came home, and Onkel Hankie Pants sensibly went to bed. I stayed up to check in on Friday Five posts, and then noticed that Rusty had come into the office with a bar of soap from the shower! He was very protective of the soap although he quickly deposited it on the carpet; he growled and made the "bad face" when I remonstrated with him about the inadvisability of dogs eating soap. I was quite mystified by this odd behavior. But, I was also tired, so I went to the kitchen to turn out the light and then was able to come back and retrieve the soap. Rusty followed me into the bathroom and then stood looking at the (closed) toilet rather meaningfully. Came the dawn! I went to check his water dish and it was bone dry. He jumped happily as I was filling it and then drank for quite a while. I will leave it to you to sort out the doggy thought processes that led him to bring soap to tell me he wanted water....

Now I'm off to the actual sale. We are slashing prices in an effort to have as many books, videos, cds, cassettes, and games move out of the church and into people's homes and the several small island libraries in the vicinity as possible.

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Barbara B. said...

That looks like the chem lab at my old high school! Classic!

Soap needs water... yep, Rusty is smart!