Friday, December 3, 2010

Auntie Knickers’ Advent Storytime: Day 3

Tonight, chapters 3, 4, and 5 of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.bcpever2 The picture is another of the many covers the book has gone through in nearly 40 years. Sisterfilms said she had forgotten how bad the Herdmans really were – burning down a house and then considering doing it again to get more doughnuts! A good song for tonight, I thought, would be “Rebel Jesus” as sung by Jackson Browne, backed by The Chieftains.

If three chapters are a bit too long, or you’d prefer something just a bit more adult-oriented, I also have links to the story I recorded for December 3, 2007: A Hint for Next Christmas by A. A. Milne. No Winnie the Pooh here, but the young man in this piece has some of the same hapless quality as the bear.

Individual Links for Mac Users

Intro Dec 3 2010 Surprise Dec 3 2010 Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Intro Dec 3 2007 Surprise Dec 3 2007

A Hint for Next Christmas

Self-Extracting Zip Files for the Rest of Us

Zip for Dec 3 2010 Zip for Dec 3 2007

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