Friday, December 10, 2010

The Only Thing I Want for Christmas (Is Just to Keep the Things That I’ve Got)

Eddie Cantor sang this during the Depression, and this is one of the years I feel the same way. Oh, I like getting presents and I’m sure my loved ones will find some things to delight me. But what I’m most looking forward to this Christmas is to be celebrating with family, in our own warm home, thinking of our daughter at her first Christmas Eve services as an ordained minister (she’s got three of them!); and the cards and calls from relatives and friends far away.

Millay Road Christmas Stephen Petroff and a child

My brother and his son, I think, 20+ years ago.

My parents “yust went nuts” at Christmas. They always seemed to figure out which of the things we asked for were really what we most wanted, and then they always came up with something we didn’t know we wanted. The year I was 10 I got a clock radio for Christmas. This meant not only that I was old enough to get myself up in the morning, but also allowed me to listen to the DJs and radio programs I wanted – Murray the K on WINS, Oscar Brand and Make-Believe Ballroom on WCBS. (We were only about 70 miles from NYC so we had a wide choice of media.)

One year we all got US Army mess kits.mess kit

I’m sure my siblings each have at least one special present they can remember.

When we became parents, we fell into all the usual traps, such as having to put things together at the last minute and buying too many advertised toys that were soon forgotten. But there were many happy moments on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Observe:

1982 or 83 Just after Christmas

Cordeliaknits and SonShineIn with some of their presents; the hats came from South America, brought by their aunt.1984 12 25 Niels holding Elinor

Our best Christmas present ever, Sisterfilms, Christmas Day 1984.

1988 Christmastime at Bedstemor's Elinor with play food

The play food was a big hit!


Terri said...

wonderful Christmas memories....and photos.

Barbara B. said...

Wow, I love the pictures!

Sisterfilms said...

I loved that play food! I'm sure it was highly advertised, but it was not soon forgotten! I still get nostalgic when I see them in thrift stores (the ones at Target now just aren't right!)

SonShineIn said...

I remember that play food well too. It was exceptionally durable. And lots of play value, as you could exchange the icing on the cupcakes.

But, all in all, it was not quite as good a present as Elinor.