Sunday, December 16, 2007

Accomplishments on a Snow Day Part 2

I'm trying this as a separate post because Blogger is having issues with uploading photos.
My big accomplishment today was in cleaning out and tidying the pantry. (Yesterday, I did the refrigerator, and was very pleased at how little I actually had to throw out.) Today again, there were only a few items that needed to be got rid of. One was prunes which "expired" in November. I use prunes for only one thing: roast pork with apples and prunes, our traditional Danish Christmas Eve dinner. I need to find a market that will sell me some loose prunes, as the left-behind prune package is an annual fixture here. Another was powdered buttermilk; in our humid climate it had solidified to a useless yellow mass in the canister. From now on I will just walk to the store and buy some real buttermilk if I need it for a recipe. Here are two pictures of my nice tidy pantry. Oddly, the tiles on the wall of the kitchen look pale grey, when in fact they are a rather lurid 50s aqua!
I also realized that we should be eating pancakes more often, for we have no less than three separate containers of pancake mix (one is special wild rice pancake mix from Minnesota). One night this week, whoever is here will have a pancake supper.


Crimson Rambler said...

PRUNES, ah yes, aka CPR Strawberries (in this part of the planet "CPR" means "Canadian Pacific Railway")...a neat seasonal thing to do with them (I like the roast pork thing too!) is (taking the pits out, if necessary) stuff each one with a small ball of marzipan or almond paste -- about as big as a marble -- stick a half-pecan on top. You can do the same trick with dried apricots, only top with a blanched almond. Nummy, fast, kids with clean hands can make these too!

Auntie Knickers said...

Odd that I never thought of this, since one of the things my father and I used to do at Christmas was stuffed dates -- stick a walnut or pecan inside the date and roll in confectioners' sugar. Visions of sugarplums!