Saturday, December 1, 2007

Random thoughts

  • The RevGalBlogPals Friday Five was about Christmas things they disliked. (I couldn't think of enough grumps to play this one). Pretty uniform distaste was shown for inflatable lawn figures. I must confess -- we had one for a few years. It was a snowman bought at a going-out-of-business sale, an ironic welcome home display the year both daughters were at school on the Right Coast. We got it because we knew it would embarrass them (a homemade sign was added.) When we moved, we left it with The Traveller for the cabin in America's Dairyland, where she will put it up for a day or two at most. I hope I won't be shunned for this confession!
  • I made turkey soup on Thursday with the remnants of the Thanksgiving turkey. It was good. But, it took most of the day and dirtied a lot of dishware. OHP and Rusty had a slight altercation Friday morning when the trash bag containing the turkey bones was being removed. Nothing serious, but some growling was heard. Rusty doesn't understand the concept of "not good for dogs."
  • My throat has been sore all week with almost no sign of a head cold. I have a little sniffle, but nothing like some family members have been struggling with. I don't know whether to be pleased or otherwise. What if it's sore for two weeks? Or three?
  • They're expecting snow in City of Lakes today. A "heavy wintry mix" is forecast here for Monday. It would be nice to see snow, but not so nice for walking the dog.
  • We'd like to go to the Methodist Church public breakfast this morning, but last month there was some doubt whether it might be postponed to next Sunday. They aren't listed in any of our three phone books (and don't get me started on that!) and the number listed in the local paper was wrong. It's a long way to go with nothing at the end, although we'd be able to find a restaurant fairly close by. Decisions, decisions! And doesn't the Book of Discipline say you have to have a website, or is it just email, or just in Minnesota?
  • If you're wondering how we're doing here with heating oil so high -- not too badly, as long as the sun shines a little. We keep the thermostat at 58-60 degrees overnight (otherwise I get a headache, who knows why). But in the morning, if it's clear, I don't turn it up -- just raise the blinds on our south- and east-facing picture windows. I usually don't touch the thermostat till the sun goes down. Bless Mr. Bernier, who built this house in 1951, and let perpetual light shine upon him!


Songbird said...

I wish we could live without the heat. It is cold today! If I ever build a house, it will have solar features.

SonShineIn said...

Snyeg idyot!

I am off to trudge to the theater so that they won't be playing to a completely empty house as everyone hunkers down. (This is pretty mild for a "big snowstorm" though. People used to be tougher here.)

Cathy said...

brrrrrr. I really don't think I could makeit with it being as cold there.

And of course you won't be shunned for having one of those inflatables - if you have had it for years, I bet it's not like the ones of today.