Sunday, December 9, 2007

I joined, and Answer to a complaint

You'll see something new at the top of the page to the left -- I have joined the RevGalBlogPals webring! I am not now, never have been, and doubtless never will be a Rev -- although I have served on many church committees, and been an administrative assistant at three different churches, UCC, United Methodist and Lutheran. But I do fit the GalBlogPals part and thanks to Songbird for inviting me (hers was the first of their blogs I read). It turns out that I've also spoken on the telephone to 33 Names of Grace, because she's a good friend of Best Boss Ever who was the minister at Up the Hill UMC when I worked there.

I have had a complaint from one of my readers. Onkel Hankie Pants, that well-known nitpicker, came in person (that is, he walked downstairs from his office/den) to ask, "Who is the third sister-outlaw?" (I hadn't yet added Temple Truck Woman). So I told him. He then complained that there should be at least one additional sister-outlaw because Brother #3 was married once, a long, long time ago. After lengthy explanation, I still don't think he gets it, so here is my brief explanation and see if you agree!

I coined the term (although someone else may have coined it independently) "sister-outlaw" some years ago because I wanted a nice brief word to describe various people in my life. They are people with whom I have an ongoing relationship (and this is the important part!) because of a present or former relationship with one of my brothers, but who are not currently, or maybe ever, married-by-law to said brother. If they were, I could just say "sister-in-law." Brother #3's ex-wife does not fit this definition; I met her once, don't even know where she lives now, nor does he as far as I know. All the brothers had girlfriends in their younger days, some of whom I met, and they were all very nice people, but there is no ongoing relationship. So they are not sisters-outlaw either. I should mention that the sisters-outlaw who are such because of former relationships are also still friends with my brothers, so no need for letters to Dear Abby here.

So, feel free to use my coinage if you are lucky enough to have some people like this in your life. Mine are all fantastic people who add a lot to our family, as do my two sisters-IN-law.


Cathy said...

Makes sense to me!

Crimson Rambler said...

SOOOO helpful!

Songbird said...

I have outlaws. I totally get this.

Counselor in Process said...

I'm not a Rev, though I am member, either. They let a few of us rif-raf in, apparently! I'm glad.