Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good News, Bad News

Here's the good news: the sidewalk clearing machine shown above has now cleaned the sidewalks at the side of our house, so Rusty and I can again go on one of our habitual walks. It's been nice going downtown for walks, but encountering lots of people is a mixed blessing. He is a friendly dog, but still has a tendency to want to jump up on people, and when a lot of the people one meets are either elderly or young children, and the streets and sidewalks are icy, that's not such a great idea.
Here's the bad news: the weather report calls for more snow starting this afternoon and continuing all night. I think maybe it will not be quite as much this time, though. I have not finished Christmas shopping yet! I need to go to Big Outlet Town and City Whose Mayor Thinks It Should Secede (and oddly enough, said mayor looks a little like a younger version of Jesse Ventura....)! Or at least across the river to the Bullseye Store! Enough already! Sisterknits is pretty well assured of getting her White Christmas, though she would have had the same back in 10,000 Lakes.

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Songbird said...

I could really live without more snow, especially since I used almost all the firewood in the house on Sunday and the rest, though partially tarp-covered, is also beneath all of Sunday's snow and crunchy topping!