Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Five: Countdown to Christmas Eve edition

Songbird at RevGalBlogPals reminds us that Christmas Eve is less than a week away, and asks: what five things do you need to accomplish before then?

1. I need to finish reading a book that I'm planning to re-gift. 

2. I need to buy wrapping paper, ribbon and tags at the Dollar store so I can wrap presents, having left my stash of such items back in Maine (and you can't bring wrapped presents any more).

3. I need to get a few more presents, and also some new mittens or gloves because I seem to have lost one yesterday and it's cold here!

4. I need to work with Sisterfilms on planning our Christmas Eve festivities (the meal, especially).

5. And I "need" to have fun, which will happen tonight when I see SonShineIn play Santa Claus at the Bedlam Theatre; enjoy their dinner theatre production "Turducken"; tomorrow when Cordeliaknits arrives, and we go to see the Rose Ensemble in the evening; Sunday when I go to church and the caroling party; Monday when we see Onkel Carpenter and Tante Rosemaler before they and The Traveller head to Tacoma; Tuesday when Onkel Hankie Pants finally arrives; and at odd and unexpected moments throughout the time. It's good to be back in City of Lakes even though it's cold and snowy and things look different here.

You are invited to share your pre-Christmas planning in comments or on your own blog.


Jan said...

I so appreciated your comments on my post of the Friday Five. I also am grateful that you regift--I do, too, and see nothing wrong with it if the present is in new condition and unused (or appears to be).

Songbird said...

It all sounds very festive!

Diane said...

#5. I like that one. Both the idea of "needing" to have fun, and, what you are doing...:)

RevDrKate said...

Oh how exciting that you are in MN! For how long? Enjoy the sights of the City of Lakes.

mompriest said...

ohh, yes, get yourself something for the hands....a must! have fun with all the family activities!