Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Off to glory...

In my childhood, when we set out on a trip, my father (a salty old cuss) would often remark, "Off to glory in a shower of s__t!"  (And if we asked, "When are we going to be there, Daddy?" he would reply "When we drive into the G.D. driveway!")

So, in the wee hours this morning, my nephew the economist and founder of a nonprofit organization will be picking me up for the drive to the bus terminal in City by the Sea. The terminal is open for half an hour in the middle of the night so that people with early flights out of Logan can catch the bus and arrive around 5:00 am. By half past ten (their time) or half past eleven (my time) I'll be in City of Lakes, where Sisterfilms will pick me up. Her plans for my afternoon include a nap and switching laundry from washer to dryer at The Traveller's house, since the cold weather is forestalling the re-installation of the dryer chez Comrade Landlords. 

I'm all packed, with just a few things to think about before I leave, so will probably watch a movie tonight.  I hope I can get Rusty into his garage sequestration without incident. He already suspects something is up that he won't like.

I hope I can remember how to get email while I'm away, and that I can get onto Blogger occasionally. I've already done and scheduled the remainder of the December Stories and Songs posts.  One of my DorothyL mystery list colleagues recommended them on DorothyL! And she's a real writer!  

But, if neither of these things come to pass, be assured that I wish all of you a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, and a happy and, if not prosperous, at least not destitute New Year!

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Mrs. M said...

"Salty old cuss" sounds so affectionate. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.