Sunday, December 16, 2007

Accomplishments on a Snow Day Part 1

We are pretty well snowed in today, although Onkel Hankie Pants bravely walked to church and stopped at the supermarket on the way back for Sloppy Joe makings. Here is his other big accomplishment for the weekend. Yesterday, he and my nephew and nephew's girlfriend went up to our woods in Bowdoinham and cut Christmas trees. Our two stayed outside overnight and one is still out there, but the living room tree is up! We may put lights on it later in the week, but will wait for Sisterknits to help decorate it on Saturday.
Although I suppose, given the property taxes, this tree is really more expensive than the ones we used to get at Bachman's or the Lyndale Garden Center in Minneapolis, there is something very satisfying about a tree that grew on one's own family land. And it's a very nice balsam fir, which was in a good location so it is nicely full without looking groomed.


Cathy said...

Please note: Balsam fir trees are VERY expensive here as they do not grow around here. Love the smell though!!!

Auntie Knickers said...

I have to admit that occasionally, in Minnesota, we would get a Frasier (sp?) fir from North Carolina. Talk about drenched in petroleum! But they were nice trees.