Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm kvelling....

So, in the weekly email genealogy newsletter there was an article about documenting one's Christmas ornaments. Since I needed to take down the tree anyway, I decided to do it or at least make a start with the ornaments we used this year. Well, I got to about 110 photos before the batteries gave out on my camera and I had to stop to recharge; then my sister came to take me to the hospital to visit Brother #1; then it was dark and it's really a daylight job. (Ended up seeing #1 twice today in 2 different hospitals, as he's now in Big Medical Center where they have better technology, having another MRI. He is feeling better, though.)
Needless to say the 110 photos are a drop in the bucket.
But here is one of them; a word chain that Cordeliaknits made in kindergarten.
The construction paper is a little faded but we still put it up every year anyway. And today, I read on her blog that she got all As in seminary last semester! So I'm kvelling!
And, lest Sisterknits be forgotten, I'm kvelling for her too! Not only was she accepted to the filmmaking program she wanted to get into, but she was on the news! I will link to it here even though I'm not sure how long this will be available -- if it's no longer active, she was interviewed briefly about a proposed Light Rail line between Minneapolis and St. Paul which would drastically shorten her work-school commute. (I have to say, I almost never watch television news, and looking at the whole story, which you pretty much have to do to get to Sisterknits, I can see why. There is also a weird bit of editing that makes her first utterance a non sequitur.)


Sisterknits said...

Yes, the non-sequitur was weird...

I hope you will get more done on Operation Christmas Take-Down today, wish I were there to help!

Cathy said...

My tree is still up.
Neat you are documenting your ornaments!