Friday, June 20, 2008

Down Memory Lane

OK, couldn't resist. Here are some of the songs I associate with the summer of '66. Some may have come out earlier, but they were still showing up on car radios and clock radios that summer.
I'm not sure we heard too much more from The Cyrkle, although "Turn-Down Day" is also one I remember. Maybe their hair was just too short. A lot of people have covered this song, but this is the one that was playing back then:

In those days, one actually heard songs from Broadway musicals on Top 40 radio. Here's the one we were hearing that summer, although I couldn't find the late Robert Goulet's version; we'll have to "make do" with Bryn Terfel.

That summer was my first experience as a regular city bus rider, certainly not my last. Alas, when it rained I didn't meet a nice young man, I had to make do with my host's Harvard golf umbrella (nice and big though!) Anyway, that's probably why this song stuck with me. The video is newer but the audio is the classic version.

And here's one that I remember more clearly from the last couple of months of high school, but which was probably still getting airtime come summer. Yes, this kind of music got played then too.

Anybody else from my misspent youth want to chime in with some other suggestions?


Singing Owl said...

Me! I'll play at my place later today. :-)

zorra said...

Oh, such wonderful songs. We must be about the same age.
In August 1966 I saw the Beatles in concert, and the Cyrkle was one of the opening bands. Trivia question: do you know who wrote "Red Rubber Ball"?

Another great one from that year:
"All the leaves are brown...and the sky is gray..."

I would also add "Last Train to Clarksville", but then I really would be showing my age! :)

Diane said...

I need to listen more later, AND I'd be interested in playing....