Monday, January 14, 2008

Too Much Snow!

At least it looks pretty, but I didn't take any pictures today. I think it has finally stopped snowing. The first time Rusty and I went out today I had hardly gone 20 feet when suddenly I was flat on my back. Fortunately for my head I had both a hat and a parka hood on, but I still have aches and pains all over my back. There will be a lot of shoveling for everyone tomorrow (some people are already working on it, and Rusty does not approve, or else wants to join the fun -- on our walk he jumped and jumped when he saw people shoveling.) Rusty also likes to dig in the snow for who-knows-what, even burying his whole head in it. This snow is more the light, powdery kind, but there's lots of it. Maybe tomorrow I can take a picture.

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Cathy said...

please take a picture!