Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking Backward Meme

Singing Owl had this meme, which is to look back over the preceding year of blog posts and excerpt the first sentence of the first post for each month, then see if there's a pattern. So here are mine:

JANUARY: Well, I've already broken my New Year's Resolution about blogging, but my excuse is that yesterday was Sisterknits' last full day with us before she headed back to City of Lakes today.
FEBRUARY: Which Wife of Henry VIII Are You? The picture has disappeared and I can't remember!
MARCH: Here we go again! The snow started, as predicted, about 10 pm last night. 
APRIL: Another Friday Five: How has God revealed him/herself to you in a:

1. Book: I haven't been doing a lot of spiritual reading lately, mostly mysteries and some non-fiction dealing with economics (in a fairly superficial way).
MAY: Sisterknits said I'd better do a blog post before I take off, so here it is.
JUNE: Last week the Friday Five was about garage sales, and today we actually went to some!
JULY: Also Friday Five, since I was away from computer July 1-3, so: 1. Barbeque's or picnics ( or are they essentially the same thing?)
Not to me -- barbecues are usually at home or someone's home, and picnics are at a park or similar place. But, today we actually ate at an old-school drive-in with picnic tables, real cherry cokes, and deep-fried cheese curds! (Something you can't get in Maine.)
AUGUST: It was the Friday Five, so here's my first answer: ) How do you amuse yourself when road construction blocks your travel?
Since I am not ever the driver, I amuse myself pretty much all the time I am in a car -- in this case I would look at the workers, be glad I'm not working as a flagger for $8 an hour, and perhaps try to amuse the driver, if necessary!
SEPTEMBER: Yes, today everything came together perfectly and we took my birthday boat ride.
OCTOBER: Perhaps you've heard of the "Curse of the State Quarters." I'm beginning to think there may be a curse connected with my collection of coffee mugs! 
NOVEMBER: This morning began around 6:30 am when Rusty decided it was time for people to get up.
DECEMBER:It's a bit late in the day here on the East Coast, but I'm still going to start this out so that there will be a story and song suggestion for each day up to December 24th.

It's surprising how many times it was the Friday Five that got me blogging, when it wasn't necessarily the first day of the month. I think the pattern is that I have not been assiduous nor imaginative enough about my blog. That's a good resolution for this year.

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