Monday, January 12, 2009

The New Gadget: Wish List

It's perhaps very wicked of me to be posting a wish list so soon after Christmas. After all, I received many wonderful gifts, many of which people thought of all on their own. But occasionally I am asked what I want, and I usually can't think of anything on the spur of the moment. So, I decided to put up this list for my nearest and dearest, and also I suppose that the things we want may say something about us.

In attempting to do this, I had some trouble until I discovered "Blogger in Draft." If you are using Blogger, and your layout page says "Add Page Element" you are not using "Blogger in Draft." Actually, my layout page was missing the Add Page Element button and it was in searching for it that I found out they are now (in BiD) called Gadgets. It is not easy to get to Blogger in Draft. Go to the bottom of the page, click "About" and then click "Features" and keep scrolling down till you get to it. Then you'll need to say "Make Blogger in Draft my default" or something like that.

I'll blog about something else later.

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