Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Animals on the Breadbox

In the last post, I mentioned the ceramic animals that come in Onkel Hankie Pants's boxes of tea. Today, my digital camera arrived in the mail and I have taken a few pictures, one of which shows the animals. We have been here fulltime since about Columbus Day, 2005, and did not bring any animals with us from Minnesota. So you can see that we have bought quite a bit of tea!
The breadbox is one I bought many years ago (early 80s I think) while yard-saling with my father. I am so happy finally to have a kitchen with enough counter space to use this breadbox!


celeste said...

i don't drink much tea...but i so want to start ordering red rose tea for these cool little ceramic animals!

Auntie Knickers said...

I think you would have to order the animals separately outside New England. If I recall correctly, when they started selling the tea in the Midwest no animals were included, but there was a way to request them. Why do they do this? It may be in order to sell the display pieces. For the Pet Shop series, for example, I think one can order a ceramic Pet Shop for display that costs a ridiculous sum like $40.