Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh we of little faith

You may have seen on Onkel Hankie Pants' blog that he planted a large number of bulbs last fall, and that we were afraid none of them would come up. You've also seen the grand display of tulips and daffodils, now gone by. He also planted a small "blue and white" garden near the sidewalk on the south side of our house. We had some nice grape hyacinths, and a few English bluebells, but the tall green stalks did not seem to be producing any flowers. Then yesterday -- wowie! Returning from a walk with Rusty, I saw a number of iris buds! And then, today, even better... There are also some bell-shaped flowers that have taller stalks than the original bluebells, so I may be a bit confused. Now I want to get more irises planted this coming fall so that we can have a nice stand of them next year.
Meanwhile, Quaker Cousin has graciously dug a garden behind the garage, where she originally planned to plant vegetables. However, the soil test revealed some lead contamination, either from Route 1 car fumes or from houses up hill from us with lead paint, so we decided not to risk it. Therefore, she came yesterday to plant marigolds, dianthus, cosmos, zinnias, and bachelor buttons from seed. (QC recently sold her house and moved to an apartment near us, and needed a place to garden. So I have achieved my lifelong ambition and have not one, but two gardeners!)

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Auntie Knickers said...

Of course, the bud picture was supposed to come first, I don't know what happened.