Friday, June 15, 2007

The Return of the Green Bowl

One day recently, in one of our many long phone conversations about Important Things and Nothing Much, Sisterknits reminded me of a green FireKing jadeite mixing bowl we used to have. I think maybe it came to us from Onkel H's aunts' estate -- much of which had been stored in his parents' basement awaiting a time when it would be needed. We liked it a lot. But one day, when Sisterknits was just about old enough to do some cooking, she somehow dropped and broke the bowl. Upon telling her father about the accident, she was greeted with histrionics along the lines of "Oh, no! Not my favorite bowl!" and of course she burst into tears and had to be reminded once again that Onkel Hankie Pants is a big joker.
I had been wishing for a bigger mixing bowl or two and so I went on eBay and did a little bidding. Here is the result, displayed on a felted mat that Sisterknits gave us for Christmas.
I am looking forward to using it. I'm working on a piece of writing for the blog, but later today I will be going to the St. John's Bazaar at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church a few blocks away. So after I've taken some photos you will be able to see what fun is!

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