Thursday, June 28, 2007

Major Fun in Minneapolis

I'm working on a laptop at the home of my friends The Actuary and Genealogy Buddy, where I've had a delicious breakfast

(and a wonderful supper last night, cooked partially by Cordeliaknits.) Cordeliaknits and I arrived nearly simultaneously on Tuesday evening, both our planes having been delayed. Sisterknits picked us up and of course we went to Little Tijuana, a terrific old Mexican restaurant just off Nicollet Ave. Yesterday, we saw the movie WAITRESS. I could have seen it at Eveningstar Cinema in Brunswick, but I held out for the fancy new hand dryers and the company of my daughters at Southdale Cinema. We enjoyed the movieand were sad that the fine writer, actress and director Adrienne Shelly is no longer here to get the praise she deserves. (I'm not linking because it's hard enough for me using a laptop without trying to do all that other stuff. So look it up, OK?)
Tonight I'll attend the Book club meeting from my old church and see a bunch of people, even though I haven't read the book (City of Falling Leaves by John Berendt -- hey, it's 414 pages long, and I am reading a mystery set in Venice, which should count for something.) The Traveller is coming too; she hasn't read the book either but has been to Venice several times.
One day soon I hope to figure out how to upload photos so I can make another and more visually interesting post. Till then, I hope everyone is having as good a day as I am!

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