Friday, June 8, 2007


(Blatant Relative Promotion)

On the DorothyL mystery listserv, writers will occasionally headline their posts “BSP” for Blatant Self-Promotion, when they have a new book coming out, a short story published, a reading scheduled, or some such. Well, as Onkel Hankie Pants’ father used to say, “He who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted.”

Today I’m going to engage in a bit of BRP – Blatant Relative Promotion. I have nothing of my own to promote just now, but several of my near and dear, and slightly farther away as well, do have.

Onkel H.’s first cousin, Julie Henriksen Bowe, has published her first book for children, My Last Best Friend. It’s a good read for the 8-11 set, involving the sort of daily friendship dramas that I remember only too well from Cordeliaknits’ and Sisterknits’ elementary years at Red Cross Nurse Open School. There’s even a bit of a mystery. And, it's not too-too problem-y. Actually, it was a good read for me, too!

On the other side of Onkel H’s family, his first cousin’s daughter-in-law, Athena Kildegaard, has published a book of poetry based on the Fibonacci sequence. You mathematicians will enjoy this one!

Let the Sonshine In, our eldest, has just joined the Board of Bedlam Theatre in Minneapolis. I hope to take in at least one night of their 10-Minute Play Festival while I’m in town later this month. Their production a couple of years ago of The Flies by Sartre was one of my peak theatrical experiences of the decade, at least.

My nephew Alexander is one of many young people in Maine (and elsewhere) who have started non-profit organizations to help people in other countries. Working Villages International is having quite a bit of success with its first sustainable village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Take a look and find renewed hope. (Make a donation if you wish!)

Alexander’s second mother and her Temple Truck as decorated by my brother and some others will be making an appearance in Cambridge, Mass. on June 16. Read about it here. (Scroll down till you see Kris Wills).

My brother Stephen has work in the latest issue of Café Review, which you can read about here.

And Onkel Hankie Pants will be appearing as Sitting Bull in LACLT’s production of Annie Get Your Gun later this summer!


celeste said...

wow! that's a whole lot of special going on!

cordeliaknits said...

well, I guess I have to get published before I'll get a mention in the BRP list.

I see you got a camera--that's a new development! How many megapixels?

Julie Bowe said...

Hey, Auntie Knickers, thanks for the plug! And I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Welcome to blogdom! :)