Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

Answer: Anthony's Italian Kitchen and Cabaret in Portland, ME, where Onkel Hankie Pants and I pre-celebrated our 35th anniversary last night with a red-sauce dinner and a side of NUNSENSE -- AMEN. By day an Italian restaurant/sandwich shop, on weekend nights the tiny space (50 diners) is transformed into a dinner theater of sorts -- really the shows are more revues than plays. Michael Donovan, who directed the last 3 plays Onkel H acted in, is the director of the shows (which change monthly) and also acted in NUNSENSE as Sister Mary Amnesia. Three more of the 5 cast members had been castmates of Onkel H and the fifth was connected also to Portland Players and Lyric Music Theater. In fact, it appeared from conversations around us that many of last night's show-goers were theatre people in one way or another. The show did not disappoint, with over-the-top jokes, well-sung songs, and amazing choreography and dancing given the small space they had to work with.

However, I must say that I probably would have enjoyed the show even more were I a Catholic. For a liberal mainline Protestant whose last Catholic ancestor probably died sometime in the 1500's, it just doesn't seem quite right to make fun of nuns! (Not to mention that when I grew up, nuns in habits were still a common sight, and we were a little afraid of them.) Still, it was a fun way to celebrate. Photography opportunities were limited by my disinclination to injure the performers by taking flash photographs, but here are photos of my glass of wine

and the excellent small combo that provided the music (two of whom were also theater buddies of Onkel Hankie Pants -- I think he now knows more people in Maine than I do!) Tomorrow, at last, The Story of Our Engagement and Wedding!

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Songbird said...

What fun! Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!